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Who am I?
I'm a Queer Vegan Anarchist Boy
Living right outside of Philadelphia, Pa.


Imagine my tone...

I'm sitting eating lunch and reading a web comic. My boss and the mechanic are in the garage. My boss is just standing there.


Hey, ____, can you take out the trash in the garage?


Ohh of course. Of course I can.

I put down my lunch that I'm eating, and I walk out to the garage, and I grab the trash can, kick open the door, walk all the way out, and toss the gross contents of the trash out into the dumpster.


Be careful, you don't want to hurt yourself! Oh by way, can you take out the other trash can too?


Oh it would be my pleasure, anything. Anything you need.


What's the matter?


Oh nothing. I'm sitting here eating lunch, and you ask me if I can take out the disgusting chemical sludge of the trash cans back here? After you're already back here and the mechanic? That is never something I've done, and you interrupt me eating my lunch to do it? I get this shit all over my arms and my hands and my clothes?

The State of the Gas Station

I asked my boss a few weeks ago, after the woman who was the daytime manager quit, if he needed me to work any of her hours.

He was really rude and said, “NO! I don’t need anyone!”

And I asked, “So you’ll be working ALL of her hours… and the night shift? 7am to 8pm everyday?”

He replies, “Yes.”

So, last week he calls me like three or four times in a row. I knew he was going to be begging me to come in and work a morning or two.

I didn’t pick up. I didn’t respond. I didn’t call him back.

I figured I’d let him sweat it out.

So, I walked in there, a day or two later and he says to me,


"I was at my other job. The one that I’ve been working because you cut my hours here."

He ignores what I said and says,
"Do you want to open tomorrow?"

I said, “Sure. I’m not doing anything tomorrow.”

Except I forgot that we had a store meeting at my other job. So I frantically texted my boss’s brother at 1am, and told him I’d be opening an hour late. This is because there is no way to get in contact with my boss. He just came back from overseas, and has no cell phone.

I opened up an hour late, and he didn’t even mention it until I was closing up my shift for the day. He says to me pleading,
"Why do you keep doing this? I am trying to run a business, you can’t just come in anytime you want! People expect us to be open."

"I was an hour late, and I didn’t mean to. I honestly just forgot and my other job comes first. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. And it’s not like I meant to do it."

He just said, “Fine.”

This was me at the gas station last week. I did some cool stuff with the background obviously.

How to show your Boss who is... Boss.

My boss came back after being gone for 2 years, and decided to cut my hours. I stroll on in there, and realize he's working my shift. He stops talking to the mechanic in the back and comes out cool as a cucumber, with his hands together...


Hello, [insert name].


Hey Tony, so what is going on... We haven't been running the gas station for weeks, and now you are working my shifts? AM I DONE HERE? WHAT IS HAPPENING?


Well, instead of 10pm on weekdays we're going close at 8pm.


Okay, I could work from 2pm to 8pm?


No. I will be working.




... What are you doing on weekends?


I work my other job on the weekends, but I usually come in here on Sunday mornings to work.


Come in on Sundays, if you want.


If I want??? If I want? What does that mean?


Come in on Sundays, If you want.


Okay then.

3 Weeks Later. I am sick and sleep in. I come in to open up, and I opened up late. I only paid myself for the time that I spent. But so I come to put gas in my Grandmother's car, and my Boss is sitting there at the counter.


What time did you come in on Sunday?




Why would you do that?


You said, "Come in on Sundays, if you want." I wanted to come in a bit later.


That isn't what I meant. We open at 8am on Sundays.


Oh, well that clears it up then. Then it's not optional right? Just 8am.



Finally got my rainbow suspenders in!

I know it’s over… (the end of the gas station)

I think the gas station is done. I sit here and I’m sad, but also excited. Excited at what this means for my life. For this chapter to end. 7 years of my life I spent in that gas station, dealing with unruly customers, dealing with shit on the walls of the bathroom, and negligent bosses.

I rather liked it.

I was left to fend for myself. Like so many times in my life. I was dealt a hand, and I had to go with it. It’s not a bad feeling.

I know I am going to miss the money, the money most of all. And getting paid to surf the internet. That’d be nice to find a job like that again. I’ve already had a couple.

Today I did something I never thought I’d be paid to do. At my other job I  actually got to demo a product to people, a product that I like, that I care about. It was really awesome to be able to do that. My co-worker was telling me that it must be fun to just give people food all day, and you know what? It is.

It’s fun to be able to see the positive reactions on people’s faces when they try something they never thought they’d like, or try.

I guess I should get to the reason that the gas station is closing. My bosses don’t have the money to buy more gas. I think they might get some more, or have more reason to get gas in a few weeks or so. The woman who works the day shift told me that they might not even want her in next week. She’s already looking for a new job.

So, it seems like it’s the beginning of the end. I’d be really nice for my bosses to have a conversation with me, or tell me what’s going on. But I doubt it. They never do that kind of shit.

Fuck them.

What would?

People do if we were closed on Christmas?

Where would they get their lottery tickets, cigarettes, and gas?

Co-Worker Attempting to be Goofy

My co-workers know that I’m a bit of a goof ball. So, I think they try to play around with me. The one kid comes off a little weird doing it, and always seems like he’s trying to say something, or be sarcastic, but doesn’t quite get it out correctly.

Last night it was snowing pretty bad, like there was so much snow that carts wouldn’t even move in the parking lot. So, we didn’t have really any customers.

He gets off shift and walks outside of the store, and I am there drinking some coconut water. And he goes,
"Yarg. Fuck commies!"

And I look down and I’m like,
"… I’m a commie…"

Lottery Customer


Are there any games that go off tonight?




What are they?


Daily Number, Match 6, Big 4, Quinto, Cash...


... are there any BIG games that go off tonight?


They are all big? What's small?


I don't normally play, I'm trying to play the big games, what are they called?


Megamillions, and Powerball?




You want them both? They're for Tuesday and Wednesday.


Those are the ones I want.


How many?


How many can you get?

*I start bashing my head against case of cigarettes.*

Angry Dads Don’t Apologize

So, a guy who screamed at me violently last Sunday, as well as threatened me for a car service issue, dropped by the Gas Station.

I had been waiting for him.

He never was much to talk to me, in fact, most times I was talking to him he treated me as though I was insignificant. Which is a great way to treat someone who is trying to help you.

So, as the snow is falling, I see him pull up in his car. He gets out and comes on in, as I’m heating up my lunch. I said to him,

"Hey, how are you? Are you going to scream at me some more?"

He replies, ”No, not today.”

He grabs two things of milk.

I walk up to the register, where he’s standing I ring his stuff up for five bucks.

He looks at me and says, “This is the last time you’ll probably ever see me again.”

I said, “Hey, as long as things are worked out. That’s what important.”

He doesn’t take his change, he just leaves. As he walks out I scream,
"Have a nice day!!!"